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Swamp Ass Goods Outdoor 13.7oz Citronella Scented Soy Camping Mug Candle

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šŸ• šŸ¦ŸĀ  Shoo skeeters! It's always a good idea to have one of our Swamp Ass outdoor candles with you when camping. Inspired by our Original Swamp Ass scented soap, this candle provides strong skeeter defense all packed into a hard enamel camping mug with a cracklin' wooden wick to boot.Ā 

Featuring scents that only YOU will love (because it repels the bugs) featuring hints of Cypress, Balsam, Bergamot and of course, Citronella. Take it with you camping or put on out on your back porch or lanai.

Our candles use 100% soy wax that are hand poured by us in small batches to help preserve quality. They are all-natural, veganĀ friendly and paraffin wax free.

This candle isĀ intendedĀ to burnĀ outside your home.Ā It makes a great gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Swamp Ass Outdoor CandleĀ Features

  • Scent Details: Cypress, Balsam, Bergamot + Citronella
  • Hand Poured with 100% Soy Wax in Winter Garden, Florida
  • Made in Small Batches to preserve quality
  • Cracklin' Wooden Wick
  • 13.7 candle with 40+ hours of burn time
  • Enamel camping mug container that can be reused and up-cycled
  • Made in the USA

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